Where preparation meets results!

Our journey begins by understanding the end results from our clients wishing to achieve, then systematically locate the best of the top 5% performing properties and locations that perfectly fit the desired results our clients want to achieve.

Whether you’re a first-time investor looking to kick start your financial future or looking to enhance your exciting portfolio, we understand how crucial it is to have access to all available options to you on the day, so your decision is a logical one, and therefore avoiding the standard, everyday type investment property. Take full advantage of our per release properties before they hit the market, extremely popular with our current clients.

Wanting a more personal investment, thinking about a place to retie to down the track, locating your dream investment property in a Coastal or Hinterland location or that one of a kind, architecturally designed home we spend as much time as it takes to locate you the perfect property or properties

As we are searching for your ideal property, we ensure we examine each option from your perspective to ensure it meets all of your criteria.


 Because it will save you time, money and any unnecessary associated frustration with doing all the searching and digging yourself. With over 30 year’s experience we are experts in finding that needle in the haystack property, remember SEQ is our home.

For you, that means, no more wasted travelling time to view unsuitable properties. No more wasted hours staring at your screen and getting excited about properties that, in reality, do not meet your criteria! And no more guesswork for you either! BUT more important, not missing out on the property that has your name on it, it could be just around the corner, in reality, you could have just walked right past the ideal property and never have been aware it was there, this will never happen with QPSelect.

QPSelect is, of course, a licenced real estate agency, the advantage in choosing QPSelect is our service comes at no cost to you!

So, the pressure is on us to perform by locating the property that fits your expectation, plus more – and we believe that is exactly how it should be. We have no alliances or bias to any properties, just locating the Top 5% performing properties and locations that achieve the highest possible capital gains and offering you the greatest experience and journey you get with each QPSelect property

To stand out of the pack you must have a point of difference, that is what we do.

Exclusive to QPSelect is our Selective Purchasing System

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