Why Invest in Brisbane?

“Brisbane on the move”, what will happen once our borders re-open? Will things change, will things stop, be surprised and hang on to your hats.

Before the closure of the borders, Brisbane was expecting a mini-boom as house price was expected to “accelerate” 19 per cent over the next three years – thus outperforming every other capital city throughout Australia.

With lifestyle and value for money being the primary driving forces behind the increasing property demands, it is creating pressure on supply for Brisbane properties as stated by ABS – reference below.

South East Queensland will go from strength to strength and why we predicted it to be even more popular once the boards open.

They’re not making any more land, that’s why owning a good piece of well-located property is one of the soundest investments you can make.

Let us go into this in more details: This first rule of investing in property is to base your purchase on the merits of the property and location.

Why: Because the property and location is everything. Select the right property in the right area at the right time, and you are virtually assured of hight capital gain.

At QPSelect, we assist you in finding land in areas that are likely to boom sooner.

It’s all about……Location – Location – Location

If this is true, and promoted by so many developers and builders, then why do so many get it wrong….

We at QPSelect understand that location is a crucial starting point when it comes to hassle-free investing! And even though we have all heard it before, this cliché is also used to sell inferior properties:

One of the hardest decisions to make is to invest outside of an area where we feel comfortable. At the same time assurances of achieving high capital gains, this is QPSelects strength as we search and find the location that we believe to be in the best area for the funds available.

How to avoid this happening to you, keep informed, keep ahead of the rest.

HEADS UP: will do just that plus more, ideal for a serious investor looking to locate Brisbane’s best.

The ones you don’t know about are the ones should.

Information is power, register now.