Hope Island – House & Land

COVA Magic:

Cova is an established master-planned community in the Hope Island Canals in the Gold Coast. Enjoy the energy given to you from each passing that this type of lifestyle offers.

Idea boat lovers paradise, with freehold berths available, this is a great opportunity to own House & Land in the amazing Cova estate, while we still have choices.

It has been on the cards for many years now, the availability of master-planned canal development are few and far between, and quickly coming to an end, pushing prices out of reach for most property purchases, owners and investors alike.

With QPSelect “PROPERTY WATCH” having access to all the land banks in the Gold Coast Region, including access to countless builders and developers alike.

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As we can never list all the hundreds & hundreds of properties and options available to our clients, not only in this region but all over South East Queensland, we have incorporated our unique  “SELECTIVE PURCHASING SYSTEM”, the key to eliminating all those properties that do not meet your criteria or expectations, Also we can open other doors that may not have been on your radar. This has been well enhanced by our clients as it has been a time-saver, for those that are time-poor.

Region: Hope Island, Gold Coast
Post Code: 4413

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