The Day begins – Redcliffe Peninsula

A perfect blend of amenity and the lifestyle opportunities provided by proximity to the water,
Newport & Scarborough typifies all that is desirable about living by the water. From a peaceful walk
to a bike run, kayaking or weekend sailing, it’s all here.
Newport will feature a future retail and dining precinct in the town centre, a proposed childcare
centre, a retirement village, foreshore parks and a unique 23-hectare non-tidal lake offering high
mast boat access to Moreton Bay.

No matter if its to invest today and live in tomorrow, or you just want to cash in on the potential high capital growth, you can’t go wrong.

Action needs to be quick when we have a short of Top End Estates that are few and far between.

As of 30 June 2017, the estimated resident population for
Scarborough – Newport – Moreton Island SA2 was 12,996,
with the population projected to be 19,942 persons at
30 June 2041.
This is an expected population increase of 53.45%.