Owner and Founder – Joe Leonardi

The HEART of the company; where one person’s vision can be another person’s rewards.

Beginning as a tradie in Sydney, I started my own Plumbing business as soon as I could.

Becoming self-employed at a young age taught me that providing an outstanding level of service meant I’d be rewarded; not just financially, but more importantly, I’d be rewarded with loyalty.

Looking back, performing to the best of my ability was always a simple concept to me. Intrinsically, I knew that if I looked after my customers, they would look after me.

In my second year of self-employment, I purchased some land just north of Brisbane, overlooking the Pine River. Not long after that, I moved to Brisbane. I always felt that Queensland offered me the potential and lifestyle that I could not get in Sydney. Having a keen interest in properties, I moved out of plumbing and into a Sales position with one of South East Queensland’s largest Land Development Organisations.

This position was an enjoyable learning experience for me.

After ten years’ in the industry, I decided to start my own business, excited at the prospect of knowing that I would personally be responsible for all decisions, results and outcomes and that the buck would always stop with me. It still does.

I believe in hard work, and how important it is to have focus and direction, I also believe in having the things in life that you enjoy and make you feel good, otherwise, why do it.

Queensland Property Select has evolved into the industry leader that it is today because of our intense focus and culture that puts our customers first. Based on the values I learned way back when I was a young tradie that I still value very much today.

Our strength will always lie in finding the best property for our clients, without restriction bias or limitation.

Myself and my team look forward to working with you!