Owner and Founder

Meet Joe…..
Owner and Founder of Queensland Property Select

The HEART of the company; where one persons vision can be another persons rewards.

Welcome to QPSelect, a company born out of my own life and work lessons.

Beginning as a tradie in Sydney, I started my own Plumbing business as soon as I could.

Becoming self-employed at a young age taught me that providing an outstanding level of service meant I’d be rewarded; not just financially, but more importantly, I’d be rewarded with loyalty.

I quickly learned that my customers happiness with my performance played a pivotal role in achieving business success. I was fortunate in that this was never a difficult concept for me to grasp, as I’ve naturally, always been a “people’s person”.

Looking back, performing to the best of my ability was always a simple concept to me. Intrinsically, I knew that if I looked after my customers they would look after me.

This was evident even during tough times, when work was scarce. Having a good reputation meant I had more work than I could handle, so I was was able to pass jobs onto my mate.

In my second year of self-employment, I purchased some land just north of Brisbane, overlooking the Pine River. Soon after that, I moved to Brisbane, which in hindsight, is one of the best decisions I ever made.

Having a keen interest in property, I landed a Sales position with one of South East Queensland’s largest Land Development Organisations. During this time, I was able to acquire a great deal of knowledge and understanding about the ever-expansive SEQ area.

This position was a wonderful learning experience for me however, the ups and downs of the industry at the time took its toll on the organisation who decided to take a sales approach that did not sit well with me on a moral or ethical level.

I was then offered employment with the second largest Land Development Organisation in SEQ, only to experience the same sales tactics that I did not feel comfortable conforming to. Their sales approach was right for some, but for me it just wasn’t. So, after ten years’ in the industry I decided to start my own business knowing that I would personally be responsible for all decisions, results and outcomes and that the buck would always stop with me. It still does.

I believe in hard work, and how important it is to have forces and direction, to provide stability for my family and the people that rely on me. I also believe in having the things in life that you enjoy and makes you feel good, other wise why do it, I haven’t heard to many people on there death bed saying, I wish I worked hard, have you.

Queensland Property Select has evolved to where it is today because of the customer service skills and values I learned way back when I was a young tradie, starting my own business for the first time, there is a reason why we work… Yes work hard, yes family first, Yes enjoy your toys, that is what hard work with focus can do your you.

Our strength will always lie in finding the best property for our clients, without restriction or bias and without limitation.

From this, the QPSelect Partner program was conceptualised, extending the opportunity to likeminded individuals the chance to Join Us, because at QPSelect we never want to put a round peg in a square hole. If you just want a chat, you can call me anytime or just Contact Us.