QPSelect:  – Work Together – Profit Together!

If you are a huge fan of South East Queensland Property, it’s time for you to be rewarded.

QPSelect has access to an endless amount of new properties in SEQ in the following categories:

  • House and Land Packages
  • Townhouses
  • Apartments
  • Dual Income Properties
  • Coastal Properties, and;
  • Retirement Properties

Our clients have the luxury of choosing to invest anywhere in South East Queensland, from the gorgeous Gold Coast through Brisbane and all its stunning surrounding regions, right up to the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

QPSelect is changing the face of the property market by making it simple for buyers to locate their ideal property without fuss. QPSelect only offers the best of the best.

QPSelect invites you to apply to become a QPSelect Partner

Everyone in business knows that word of mouth is one of the greatest sources of advertising, that’s why we’re seeking like-minded individuals to reward with our unique and exclusive partnership.

QPSelect is looking for individuals who:

  • Love sharing their knowledge of the SEQ property market with their family, friends and even random strangers they might encounter!
  • Have a love and passion for a great property, beautiful locations, and;
  • Are naturally drawn to people – you’re a “people’s person”, and you live and breathe property!

As a QPSelect Partner, you will be provided with the tools to successfully tap into our system and directly benefit from one of Australia’s largest and most influential independent property firms.

We will take care of the rest!

QPSelect has implemented the “Work Together – Profit Together” concept, which is a simple but very effective way to bring QPSelect and exceptional QPSelect Partners together.

We want to hear from you!

If this sounds like you and your application to become a Partner is successful, QPSelect offers the following three levels of remuneration:

  1. The Introducer – QPSelect will reward you when you simply refer anyone you feel would benefit from our unique services. This is an ideal income supplement.
  2. The OrganiserBeing an organiser means you’re able to take on a larger role with larger rewards. If you love being social and you’re already a great introducer this should be easy for you! If you’re looking to enhance your current income, simply organise and invite your network of property lovers to our QPSelect events.
  3. The Independent – You’re already a natural introducer and organiser, but more than that, you’re an industry professional. You already have a strong client database and believe your clients deserve the best! If you’re already a leader in the SEQ property market and you demand serious remuneration, becoming an Independent Partner is the perfect opportunity for you to shine.

Please see our  terms and conditions to find out how!



 Becoming affiliated with QPSelect means you can increase your listing in SEQ without spending a cent!

Additionally, QPSelect will provide you with all the support needed to ensure you succeed and most importantly to guarantee your clients are 100% satisfied, knowing they’ve made the right purchasing decision.

This is an out of the box opportunity for lateral thinkers who love a challenge and are ready to try a new line of attack!

If you’re intrigued by what’s on offer and want to explore the possibilities further, Talk to us.

Open the door and discover the potential on offer


At QPSelect we know people love and relate to great property opportunities. We also know that they love investing not only in SEQ, but in their futures.

Property investment has created more individual millionaires than any other source.  We are specialists in our field and understand that trust plays an integral role in any successful partnership.

We also know that trust is earned, not forced and our approved QPSelect Partners will understand what we mean when the results we speak of are delivered.

You will find QPSelect different. We’re not your traditional Real Estate Agent and our integrity is enforced by our “Selective Purchasing System”. By locating appropriate options available for our clients in a way that is not only fast but systematic and methodical we’re able to eliminate over 90% of any risk involved in a logical manner.


It’s time to grow and time to stop doing it all on your own.  Talk to Us Today.