Apartments for sale in Queensland - Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine & Whitsunday Coasts

Apartment living has become a very viable option for those looking to invest in South East Queensland property.

Popular in high density areas such as the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Apartment living is certainly the way of the future.

There are some great advantages to living in a smaller space, and if the trendiest cities in the world like New York and Paris know anything, it’s that living in an Apartment is much more cost effective than living in a house.

Apartments are currently in a competitive price range compared to increasing house prices, and they’re hugely popular with “lifestyle-seekers”.

Living in a small space means getting out and about more often. It’s an opportunity to learn more about your community and local hot-spots.

Of course, fresh air and vitamin D are both a wonderful excuse get out and about! Especially when you’re positioned in the heart of the city where there’s so much to see and do, often within walking distance.

Among its other advantages, Apartments offer cheaper rent than houses. Also, being smaller areas, heating and cooling make Apartment living a very sustainable environmental choice as well as a money saving option.

Now here’s the best part… living in an Apartment means less CLEANING! and if you’re not into gardening, there will be none of that! (unless you enjoy growing a few herbs on your balcony!)

This gives Apartment dwellers the luxury cleaning their homes in a fraction of the time it takes to clean a large house – and less time cleaning means more time for FUN!

QPSelect has both a unique and selective purchasing system, in that we seek out, research  and source only the “Best of the Best” properties in the Gold Coast, Brisbane CBD and its surrounding areas, and of course, the gorgeous Sunshine Coast for our clients.

QPS actively looks for Apartments that have access to the best parts of these great cities.

Though it doesn’t stop there! At QPS we look for properties with fantastic amenities that provide value for money, and Apartments with great security provisions, giving you peace of mind.


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