House & Land Packages in South East Queensland

The Australian Dream

An extremely popular option for Investors and Home Owners alike, House and Land Packages offer a custom property alternative.

Call it The Australian Dream, if you will – the truth is that owning a piece of land and building your own home on it is a special property in a league of its own.

Add your own personal touches and the dream becomes a reality; A home that’s truly yours.

Ok, time for a little reality check! There’s still land available, but let’s face it, it’s not in abundance and unfortunately, no one can make anymore!

The demand for land in great locations has developers under a lot of pressure and they’re simply struggling to keep up. The result? It comes down to supply and demand and we all know what happens when supply is low, and demand is high… it affects your hip pocket.

When deciding on a House and Land Package, the rules are simple!

  • Locate that ideal lot of land, connect with a great builder who not only builds with pride but offers great incentives.
  • Contact QPSelect and let us simplify the process for you.

With prime lots being claimed well in advance of registration, and in some cases even before they place a peg in the ground, there is no use in waiting a House and Land Package in a great location is what you’re after.

QPSelect will work closely with you, ensuring you decide on a great house plan, and will work in collaboration with you and the builder from conception to completion.

QPSelect not only strives for, but ensures a seamless communication process, allowing you the freedom to relax.

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Land is becoming scarce each passing day. “THE AUSTRALIAN DREAM” of owning a home and land is becoming just that, a dream. Sydney and Melbourne are already testaments to this, and it is happening in South-East Queensland also! Faster than you might think, but smart investors can still cash in on this in their favour. Ask us how!

Thousands of home designs to choose from…

It’s not just the location that plays a major role in property investments. It is also the right house design, the features as well as location. Working with the right builder and having access to a variety of house plans to choose from also plays a major part to achieve a favourable end result.

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“Land & Location is the basis of wealth”

​Land becomes the dominant factor when it comes to pricing packages. The bottom line is “demand for land is high and supply is limited”.

Queensland House & Land Packages

The key is SELECTIVE PURCHASING. Getting the right package in the right location for your money.

House & Land Package - QLD

QPSelect …finding the right builder for your requirements!

“Can’t find what you are looking for?”

​Looking for something different? Like to add a few changes or just include some extra inclusions? NO problem! We will work with you and the builder to design from scratch if need be.

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SE Queensland - new house and land package

Let Us Help  find out more about the Best of the Best House & Land in South East Queensland.

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