Next Piece of the Puzzle – Know your Builder

Over 1500 plus packages & thousands of home designs available,…it can be overwhelming at best when it comes purchasing properties, we have solved that with our Selective Purchasing System.

With location playing a significant starting point when purchasing properties, then the next major piece to the puzzle is who will build your home with the appropriate plans and designs that complement your budget and location you have chosen.

QPSelect having access to several builders that specialise in a large range of designs and price points, ensuring that all our clients are well looked after. This also includes access to Boutique Projects that most will never get access to and possible depriving themselves of what could be a lost opportunity.

At QPSelect do not choose our respected builders on how much they spend on their glossy broachers or media and digital marketing, we chose on past performances and flexibility if required, this way we know what we should expect in the future.

We know, get it right and it can be an enjoyable and encouraging journey that will inspire you to the next step of building your property portfolio and taking total control for only life you have.

With a starting point of $280,000 to over 1 million dollars, there is no lack of choices, with an average target between $450,000 to $650,000 being the ideal range for our value-seeking investors wanting investments in the TOP 5% range.

This includes 3 to 5-bedroom homes, Dual Living and Duplex home up to 7.6% returns.

We are not in the market to promote Glossy brochures or Old Statics, no games, just results.

Special request, “Can’t find what you are looking for?” not a problem.

QPSelect will work closely with you, ensuring you decide on a great house plan, and will work in collaboration with you and the builder from conception to completion.

QPSelect not only strives for but ensures a seamless communication process, allowing you the freedom to relax….Talk to us