Queensland Property Options

What are you buying?

Returns – Location – House & Land – Townhouse/Terrace – Apartment/Unit – Dual Living – Duplex – SMSF – Capital Gains – Short Term – Long Term – Cash Flow – Build to sell – Retirement – Holiday – Property Portfolio – Income Producing

No matter what is on your wish list, the buying process should start with a full, in-depth consultation to design the ideal pathway required to achieve maximum results for available funds.

Yes, we do take the time to answer your questions and keep you informed, because we understand that you must be comfortable with your chosen strategy. Yes, we do encourage you to use the property as a vehicle to help you financially in later life. We believe that property is the best and most reliable vehicle for investment.

Once the first step has been achieved and all parties are in cohesion, the next step we show you our simple, proven system to invest in a quality built, attractive residential property in a desirable location.


  • Not sure what is best for me!
  • Who will help me?
  • Which Location to invest in?
  • Type of Property suitable for me?
  • Do I qualify?
  • What returns can I expect?
  • What about Finance?
  • What will it cost me?

Here at QPSelect, you will learn..

  • why investing in property need not be complicated or risky
  • the secrets to selecting properties that are structured to generate maximum capital gains
  • how you can build great wealth a little at a time so that you can retire in comfort
  • how you can leverage your disposable income, combined with the Tenant and the Taxman to generate solid returns for just a few dollars per week
  • where the hottest investment properties are and how you could be the proud owner of one of them sooner than you can imagine
  • Yes, many properties are presented to us, but we only accept those that fit our strict criteria as per our Selective Purchasing System

How is it possible for a wage earner to afford an attractive residential investment property?

It’s the ones you don’t know about, we make sure you do.


Find out why QPSelect properties are South East Queensland Best of the Best. Contact us today