When land banks dry up, and new home prices are out of reach for the price orientated purchaser who is limited to finance, or not willing to go further out, then Town Houses are ideal. As vacant land dries up, developers quickly move in on sites that are zoned for high density developments. This might mean demolition of older homes to get the volume of homes to make it profitable for them.

The exact principles set down for House & Land Packages are followed to the letter with Townhouses. They differ so much in range and price, it is a matter of, “you get what you pay for”. We currently have a large amount of developers and builders from other states build and developing Townhouses, but we can’t stress how important it is to know what you are buying, there is a big difference from build a quality product to build for profits only, just to keep their investor or shareholders happy.​

Queensland townhouses for sale

Town houses - QLD real estate experts

It’s not what they tell you that matters, it’s what they don’t tell you that you need to know!

It’s all about getting the best of the best! The “round peg in the round hole” theory and we can do all that for you.  Freedom to choose – we want you to have all the best options before you commit. Makes sense.​

Find out where the best of the best townhouses are.

Queensland Townhouses For Sale

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