Astounding Townhouses & Terraces


Developers and Builders from all over Australia have recognised the enormous property investment opportunities and popularity of Queensland.

When land banks dry up, and new home prices are out of reach for the price orientated finance limited, or location-specific Purchaser, then Town Houses are ideal. As vacant land dries up, developers quickly move in on sites that are zoned for middle to high-density developments.

Townhouses & Terraces become the ideal solution when a location becomes the dominated focus for purchasing. Whether it is for downsizing, being closer to work, close to transport or handy to your Social hubs. For some, it is all about a lifestyle change with many coastal options available. Townhouses & Terraces offer some great options and price points.

Just like all our Top 5% performing properties, location plays a big part, but again, it is no use getting the location right, only to be let down by the builder or developer.

We expose this in our eBook – “Path to Property Purchase” a hard look at what investors need to know before buying, a must-read for any serious Investor.

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